As cars become the most significant part of our life, it is only right to provide them a spot in our house. Nowadays, it is difficult to go to one’s property and not notice their garage door. Garage doors have also become the central and are used by many as the main entrance to their house. People today have become accustomed of using their garage door as their primary entrance to their house. And as the advancement of our technology provides many opportunities to many industries, garage doors manufacturers and architects have provided new improvements in enhancing the curb appeal of the property as new garage doors and types is being introduced in the market that are equipped with new technology that secures safety and security of the garage owners.


What are the types of the garage door that can choose from?

There is a wide variety of garage door types that is available in the market. This type of garage doors ranges from sliding, roll up, folding, up and over and so much more to name. Choosing the perfect garage door depends on your taste on design and style although, the wide variety of garage door design implements the basic type of garage door that you can find in the market. The most common garage door that is being used though is the sectional door in which it has several horizontal panels that are hinged together and are fitted with rollers. Sectional doors are made available with or without windows. And there are a much decorative style that can choose from, one can opt for a contemporary to traditional design. And new garage doors and types are now equipped with a high technology security feature that will secure the safety of the garage door owners. This safety feature has been made available as to enhance the security of the property and to ensure that safety is being implemented all the time.

What kind of materials is being used in making a garage door?

Just like any kind of doors, garage doors can also be made of wood, wood composite, steel, and fiberglass. Though, no matter what kind of material is used on the garage door, its overall look is what most garage owner is looking for.

Wood Doors – garage doors that are made of woods is usually built with plies or layers that will prevent the wood from warping. The wood that is being used in making garage doors normally includes hardwoods such as redwood, fir, cedar, and luan or meranti. Wood garage doors can be factory stained or painted or finished on-site.

Wood Composite Doors – wood composites typically have wood frames that are covered with sheets of fiberboard. Better models of this material offer higher-density fiberboard skins that include realistic details like grooves and overlays for the simulation of the real wood door.

Steel doors – steels doors that are made of the two layers of galvanized steel is considered as the best steel garage door. Its surface can either be primed or painted by a tough topcoat finish or clad it with composite materials. Steel doors can be designed and styled according to the look of your house’s exterior design.

Fiberglass – fiberglass doors is more durable than the other types of materials used. It has minimal chance of denting and cracking and does not rust, though; this kind of material can be easily cracked upon impact.